U.S. Climate Action Center at COP25 in Madrid, Spain

U.S. Climate Action Center Background:

Two years ago, U.S. cities, states, tribes, businesses, faith groups, universities, and others asserted their power as American climate leaders. Stepping in for the federal government, their presence at major international events has been a key component of a mission to maintain and encourage American progress towards its national climate goals. In the past, the United States Department of State brought delegations to the annual UN climate talks, and organized events that would showcase the work of the United States in combating climate change. After President Trump signaled his administration’s intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement in 2017, U.S. subnational and non-state actors took it upon themselves to reassure the international community, establishing their own climate action centers at COP23 and COP24.


United States Delegation to COP25:

The United States Department of State is expected to send a small team of negotiators to the UN climate talks in Madrid, Spain this year, but the American public’s voice on climate will best be represented by U.S. subnational and non-state actors, who will not only showcase their efforts to implement the United States’ national climate target under the Paris Agreement, but will meet with foreign governments and international counterparts to build connections, strengthen partnerships, and find opportunities to advance American interests and collaborate with one another to tackle the climate crisis. Institutions above represent only a portion of the individuals who will be on the ground in Madrid. Civil society and frontline activists will join them in full force to advocate on behalf of increased ambition and alignment with the latest national and international science.

This page will soon be updated with details of U.S. Climate Action Center events and attendees.