10 High Impact Climate Action Strategies for States, Cities and Businesses

In its bottom-up climate action plan, the America’s Pledge initiative models the emissions impact of a specific set of strategies for sectoral transformation in electricity, buildings, transportation, HFCs, methane, natural lands, and economy-wide carbon pricing. Central to this are 10 high-impact opportunities for near-term, nonfederal emissions reduction opportunities. These are areas where intensified engagement by states, cities or businesses can significantly contribute to the overall U.S. decarbonization pathway over the coming years.


Double down on renewable energy targets
Accelerate the retirement of coal power

Oil & Gas Methane

Stop methane leaks at the wellhead
Reduce methane leaks in the cities


Retrofit buildings at key trigger points
Electrify building energy use

Natural Lands

Regional strategies for carbon sequestration in natural and working lands


Accelerate electric vehicle adoption

Economy-wide Carbon Pricing

State coalition for carbon pricing

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC)

Phase out super-polluting HFCs