Electricity is essential to our lives – powering our homes, businesses, and buildings, and helping us manufacture goods and advance technology. But the power sector is also currently responsible for 28% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. While we’ve made major strides to curb emissions in recent years, we can do even more. By accelerating the retirement of coal plants and scaling sources of clean energy, cities, states, and businesses can continue to curb emissions from U.S. electricity generation.

Double down on renewable energy targets

The development of renewable portfolio standards has been a key driver of demand for solar and wind, ensuring steady market growth for cleaner energy sources and cutting our reliance on carbon emitting fossil fuels. When cities, state policymakers, corporate renewable energy buyers, and utility companies work together to develop integrated strategies across stakeholder groups, they can drive even faster progress in renewable energy advancement.

Case Study

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is Helping Salesforce Meet its Clean Energy Goals

As a participant in the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), Salesforce is more than halfway towards their goal of matching 100% of their global electricity use with renewable energy. Salesforce sees this as the first step of many to cutting their GHG emissions. Salesforce’s progress is made possible by its partnership with REBA, which connects energy buyers with clean energy sources to help accelerate the transition away from dirty fossil fuels.

Accelerate the retirement of coal power

Coal is a major source of carbon pollution. Even though it’s not as economical as it once was in the U.S., the markets aren’t accelerating the shutdown of coal plants at a fast enough pace to ensure the country is on track to meet our Paris goals. Working together, states, cities, businesses, and other stakeholders can speed up coal plant retirements between 2018 and 2025 and help reach the level needed to keep the United States on a pathway to 2ºC.

Case Study

Xcel Energy is Moving Colorado Beyond Coal

In June 2018, after years of advocacy and sustained organizing from customers, Colorado’s Xcel Energy utility announced plans to implement the single largest proposal in American history to replace retiring coal plants with renewable energy. By replacing coal-fired plants with wind, solar, and battery storage, Xcel is investing in the long-term economic prospects of the communities they serve.