Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is Helping Salesforce Meet its Clean Energy Goals

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) is a collaborative effort led by four non-profit organizations to accelerate and scale procurement of renewable energy. REBA exists to help energy buyers like corporations, cities, and public institutions power their operations with clean energy by helping them understand the benefits of moving to renewables, connecting large buyer demand to renewable energy supply, and helping utilities better understand and serve the needs of all energy buyers. REBA brings together all market actors through annual gatherings and monthly calls to collectively overcome the largest barriers to meeting ambitious renewable energy targets. Today, over 250 companies and institutions work participate in REBA to accelerate the transition in the energy sector towards a low carbon future. Since 2013, these organizations have announced over 12GW of new renewable energy capacity.

Salesforce, one organization participating in REBA, is more than halfway towards their goal of matching 100% of their global electricity use with renewable energy. The majority of that progress has come from Virtual Power Purchase Agreements in West Virginia and Texas, as well Renewable Energy Tariffs. Moving forward they’re focused on building a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects which minimize risk and maximize emissions reductions. However they recognize that matching electricity use is only an initial step towards the long term goal of shifting the worlds power supply completely to clean energy resources. To reach that long term goal Salesforce relies on collaboration through groups like REBA to affect change on a global scale.

"At Salesforce, we believe the business of business is improving the state of the world and now more than ever we are seeing the growing demand for companies to take initiative and tackle climate issues. Salesforce is committed to creating a sustainable, low-carbon future by integrating sustainability throughout our business. This includes managing our own environmental footprint and leveraging the power of our organization as we continue to grow."


Patrick Flynn,
Senior Director of Sustainability, Salesforce