Virginia Develops Trading-Ready Regulation to Achieve Compliance With Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Demonstrating how quickly a state can move forward ambitious executive action, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe deployed available air pollution control tools and issued an Executive Directive in May, 2017 requesting the development of a “trading-ready” regulation to limit carbon pollution from the power sector. After broad stakeholder outreach, a draft regulation was formally proposed to the state’s Air Pollution Control Board in the fall of 2017. Current Governor Northam continued this climate leadership, shepherding the regulatory process ahead through his first year in office. A final regulation is expected to be compatible with the successful RGGI program, and completed in time to facilitate compliance beginning in 2020.

"Now more than ever, it’s essential that states step up to the plate to do what they can to control GHG emissions."


Michael G. Dowd,
Director, Air & Renewable Energy Division, Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality